Welcome Freshman and New Parents!

The following information is being supplied to you in an effort to ease your transition to Archbishop Wood.  We have attempted to include a number of questions that have been asked over the years.  We hope we have included the most important issues but if not, please don’t hesitate to ask!   Email Mrs. Harkins, Principal, mharkins@archwood.org.  If she does not know the answer, an answer will be provided to you as quickly as possible.  The school phone number is 215-672-5050.



The school week has six days, day 1-6.  Gym classes (grades 9 and 10), Art Appreciation and Technology (grades 10) are scheduled on three of the six days. Each day of the week is listed as a number day e.g. Day 1 or Day 2 etc.  Advanced Placement Labs (grades 11 and 12) are scheduled on different number days.  The days a student is assigned to these classes will appear on their roster.  Each day the number day is announced and posted on the website.

We have a variety of bell schedules.  Except for a two-hour delay, each day begins with homeroom at 7:30am.  If there is an early dismissal it will be at 11am otherwise the school day ends at 2:15pm.  Bell schedules can be found on the website and in the student handbook.



When freshman are not scheduled for gym class they have a study hall listed on their roster as Academic Prep.  During this time the freshman students are presented with a variety of opportunities for orientation to high school, presentations on issues of concern to high school students e.g. Making Good Choices and research and study skills.  The schedule for these programs are arranged after the school year starts.  Information will be given to the students during Academic Prep.



Flynn & O’Hara is the official uniform supplier for Archbishop Wood High School.  The regulation school shoe may be purchased at any retailer that sells Eastland’s or Skechers. The official school uniform of Archbishop Wood High School is as follows:


Ladies: Regulation uniform skirt (no shorter than 1 inch above the knee), white oxford cloth blouse with AW embroidered (only the top button of the blouse is to be unbuttoned), plain white T-shirt, regulation black school sweater or sweater vest, lanyard with school ID card, black knee socks or black tights, and regulation black oxford shoes.

Optional Summer Uniform: Regulation uniform skirt as described above, regulation white banded-bottom school polo shirt, plain white T-shirt, lanyard with school ID card, black knee socks, and regulation black oxford shoes.  Class of 2020 will wear black banded bottom school polo shirt.  Optional for upper classes.  White or Black polo shirt can be purchased in either short or long sleeve.

Gentlemen: Regulation gray dress pants purchased from Flynn & O’Hara (to be worn at the waist and cut at the top of the shoe), belt, white oxford cloth dress shirt (with buttons all buttoned), plain white T-shirt, tie (properly tied at the top of the collar), regulation black school sweater or sweater vest, lanyard with school ID card, black dress socks, and regulation black oxford shoes.

Optional Summer Uniform:  Regulation gray dress pants as described above, belt, regulation white banded-bottom school polo shirt, plain white T-shirt, lanyard with school ID card, black dress socks, and regulation black oxford shoes.   Class of 2020 will wear black banded bottom school polo shirt.  Optional for upper classes.  White or black polo shirt can be purchased in either short or long sleeve.

Optional:  Black sweat shirt with school logo purchased from Flynn and O’Hara.  The sweat shirt can be worn along with the sweater or in place of the sweater during the winter.  No other sweat shirts are permitted.

What do the kids wear?  Most students wear a sweater rather than the vest.  Most girls wear knee socks even during the winter.  Boys can wear any tie, there is not a school tie.  ID pictures will be taken on the first day of school and a lanyard supplied when the ID cards are distributed.

Why do I need an ID card?  ID cards are required for many reasons.  1. Safety and security so we know who belongs in school. 2. ID cards give you access to the school.  3. ID cards can be used at home games for free admission.  4. A lost ID card costs $25.00 to replace.

NB:  The summer uniform will be worn from the beginning of school until early November.  On cooler days students can wear their winter uniform.  We usually wait until the last warm days are over before we announce winter uniform.  Switching back to the summer uniform in the spring also responds to the weather but the date usually corresponds with the Easter break.  While the summer uniform is worn students are free to wear their school sweater if they are cold.



Gym uniforms are purchased from the school store located in the student cafeteria.  The uniform consists of shorts and a t-shirt.  Freshman and sophomore students have three days of gym during our six day cycle.  Students dress for gym in the gym locker rooms.  They do not wear their gym suit to school.  Sweat shirts and sweat pants are available in the school store but are not needed for gym.  Students will have gym class outside in warmer weather but do not go outside in the cold weather.  Students do not need their gym suit for the first week of gym classes.  Info on when the store will be open to purchase gym suits will be found in the summer newsletter.



Lunch is sold every day.  There is a variety of items and the menu changes each day.  The most popular items are fries, cheese fries and chicken wraps.  Salads and fruit are also available.  Many students bring their lunch each day as a full lunch can be pricey.  Students can pay cash for their food but there is also the option of putting money on the student’s card.  The typical amount placed on a card at one time is $50.00. Find information about QuikLunch at the end of this information sheet.  The cafeteria also has a microwave for student use.  During lunch periods students can go to the Learning Commons.  There is a coffee shop in the Learning Commons.  Coffee and snacks can be purchased to be eaten in the Learning Commons.



All students study Theology and ELA every year.  9th, 10th and 11th grade students will also have a Social Studies course, Math course and Science course.   Students will also study a World Language or Critical Thinking in 9th grade.  In 10th and 11th grade, electives are based on needs and ability.  What course a student is rostered for is dependent on tracking and previous courses.  Tracking is based on academic performance as reflected on the report card and standardized testing.   Rosters will be mailed home shortly after August 15.  Questions about courses and tracking should be directed to Mrs. O’Grady, cogrady@archwood.org.  Placement of 9th grade students and new students will not be completed until early August.  Mrs. O’Grady will not able to accurately discuss a child’s roster until the process is complete.



Textbooks, except Theology textbooks, are supplied through State Monies.  At the beginning of the year, textbooks are issued to students.  Each student signs a Textbook Acknowledgement Form.  At the end of the year the textbook must be returned in good condition.  If lost or damaged, the student has to pay some or all of the cost of the book.

Theology books and some required workbooks are purchased through the Follett Online Bookstore. Each course on a student’s roster contains a course number.  Books required for purchase are listed on the Follett Site by course number.  If no book is listed, no book is required.  For freshman the typical items required are:  Theology book, vocabulary workshop book, goggles for science and perhaps a language workbook.  This varies by language.  Again, if there is no book listed, no book needs to be purchased.

Follett offers books for rent.  This would apply to Theology books only.  Please note that if a book is rented it must be returned to Follett at the end of the year.  If the book is not returned Follett will charge full price for the book.  Book return is the responsibility of the renter.  The school is not involved in returning these books.

The Follett site goes live when the rosters are issued.  This should be around August 18.  Follett offers free shipping for the first two weeks.  After this time, shipping can become expensive so purchase your books early.  There is a tab at the bottom of the Wood website for Follett.

No stationery lists are sent home.  Each subject teacher has their own requirements.  In most cases it will be a copy book.  If you see a great sale in August you can feel pretty safe to purchase a few copy books.  Some teachers will also require two pocket folders.  All students should have a Texas Instrument Graphing Calculator that they will keep for four years.  TI 84 plus is recommended.  Textbooks should be covered but contact paper is not required.



There is no summer assignment.  Students are encouraged to read for pleasure.  The summer reading recommended titles are located on the website under Quick Links, Summer Reading.



Mr. Zimmaro, President:  all financial questions        gzimmaro@archwoood.org, ext. 225

Mrs. Harkins, Principal: general school questions      mharkins@archwood.org, ext. 270

Mrs. O’Grady, Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs: roster and report card questions   cogrady@archwood.org, ext. 271

Mr. Mangin, Assistant Principal for Student Services:  discipline issues, attendance, lockers, parking dmangin@archwood.org, ext. 256

Mrs. McDonald, Assistant Principal for Student Affairs:  all activities and fund raising mmcdonald@archwood.org, ext. 245

Father Paul:  School Minister:  retreats, spiritual direction, liturgies, service   podonnell@archwood.org ext. 232.

Your child’s guidance counselor:  In high school, the guidance counselor is often your first point of contact with any issues or concerns.  You should get to know your child’s counselor.  All 9th grade students will meet their counselor within the first week of school.  Transfer students will be given an appointment within the first weeks of school.  Please note that the final division of the students for their counselor is made based on the freshman class.  Totals are not available until late August.

Beginning of the alphabet, usually A-H:  Mrs. Bogart  kbogart@archwood.org  ext. 303

Middle of the alphabet, usually I-M:  Mrs. Desmond  mdesmond@archwood.org  ext. 310

End of the alphabet, usually N-Z:  Mrs. Butts   tbutts@archwood.org    ext. 303



Please contact your local school district to determine if your district provides bus transportation.  Each school district establishes the bus schedule to insure that students arrive on time.  Students coming from Upper or Lower Bucks or Northeast Philadelphia contact Ms. Roschetz   proschetz@archwood.org

Each day busing is provided for 7:30am arrival and for the 2:15pm departure. SEPTA bus passes are provided to students who ride SEPTA each day. On early dismissal days, transportation depends on the policies of the school district.  Information about what dates a district might not bus will be posted on line and in our newsletter.

A few districts provide an activities bus at 4:30 or 5:00pm.  This information will be contained in the summer newsletter posted on our website in mid-July.



In the event of a weather related cancellation, a phone call will be sent to all families.  It is important to insure that the number the school uses for phone calls is one that can be answered any time during the day.  The information will also be sent to the Channels 3, 6, 10 and 29 and KYW radio.  A delayed opening can present issues.  Unless every busing district calls a two hour delay, the school will open on time but classes will not start until 9:30am.  If a two hour delay is called by Wood it means that all public school bus districts are busing two hours late and the private bus companies will bus two hours late.  If you receive a phone call that says, “Archbishop Wood will be open on time but classes will be delayed two hours” you can feel confident that there will be supervision for all students in the building but that no student will be considered late, regardless of district until after 9:30am.

Weather related early dismissal:  No student will be dismissed including walkers or drivers until their school district sets a dismissal time.  Students riding the private buses will be dismissed when the bus is available to drive them home.  Please do not call the school and ask for early dismissals due to weather.



Father Paul O’Donnell is our school minister.  Father is present every day.  Father celebrates mass every morning at 7:00am.  Students are welcome to attend mass.  In addition, Monsignor Bolger, our Spiritual Director celebrates mass most days during one of the lunch periods.  The sacrament of Reconciliation is available each week at a time announced.  Penance Services for all students are offered during Advent and Lent.

There are a number of school wide Masses and Liturgical Services during the school such as Advent, Ash Wednesday, Catholic Schools Week and Marian Liturgy.  These events are listed on the school calendar.  Parents are always welcome to attend.

Each class has a class retreat.  These dates will be listed on the school calendar. For the upcoming year our plans included a pilgrimage for freshman to the Cathedral in the second semester and for sophomores to attend a Diocesan Youth Rally at La Salle University in October.  Specific information and permission slips will be sent home prior to these events.  Junior and Senior retreats will be held in the school.  On those dates only the juniors or seniors attend school.  All other students have the day off.

Kairos Retreats are four day, three night retreats for seniors and a limited number of juniors.  There is a charge for these retreats.  Kairos retreats are held at a retreat house and do not impact the regular school day.



Grades 9, 10, and 11 take the Performance Series.  This computer based test is given three times each year.  There are two areas tested, Reading and Math.  The purpose of this type of standardized testing is to monitor progress over time.  Students will take their first Performance Series test during the opening days of school.  This test sets a benchmark.  The second administration will be in February.  After this testing cycle, results will be distributed and will be consulted as course selection takes place in March.  The final testing cycle in in April.  Tracking a student’s progress from September to April and their mastery of skills guides the teachers as they prepare for the following year.



In the spring a Parent Satisfaction Survey was conducted by the Office of Catholic Education.  Based on the information gathered from this survey we are implementing some methods to improve communication:  1. Overhaul of the web site;   2. Weekly updates sent via School Messenger and posted on the website;   3. Better utilization of Grade Connect.  Grade Connect is an online grade book and a source of assignments and announcements.  All students will be logged on to Grade Connect on the first day of school.  Parents have access to Grade Connect.  Please share your email address with your child’s teachers.  There is a tab on the bottom of the Wood web site for Grade Connect.

Our school uses School Messenger to send phone calls and emails.  We are hoping to rely on the weekly updates to keep parents informed and thereby limit the number of emails sent.  Phone calls will be for weather related school closings or delays and time sensitive announcements.

The Parent Newsletter that contains long range info and student accomplishments is posted on the web site three times a year:  July, December and April.



Wednesday, September 7, full day, Grade 9 only

Thursday, September 8, full day, Grades 10 and 11

Friday, September 9, full day, Grades 9 and 12

Monday, September 12, full day, Grades 9, 10, 11, 12



Please find below information concerning the payment of tuition and fees at Archbishop Wood High School.

  1. No payments are accepted at Archbishop Wood. All payments for tuition and fees are made directly to SMART TUITION.
  2. Tuition and fees for the 2016/2017 school started in June. If you have completed the application process for Archbishop Wood we entered your family into the system.
  3. SMART Tuition should have contacted you by email or regular mail. At this time you are able to choose your payment date and how you would like to pay your invoice.

There are a few options on how you can pay your invoice:

  1. Automatic debit from your account
  2. You may send a check. Please that this choice can take seven to ten days to post to your account.
  3. You may pay online using a credit card or a debit card. There is a charge for this choice.
  4. You may pay online by entering your information (routing and account number) there is no charge for this.

SMART TUITION will charge your account $30.00 for any payment that is late.

Sports Fees: Any student that participates in a sport will be charged $250. Your family account will be invoiced when the school receives a final
roster from the head coach. Please be aware that all fees are subject to a late fee of $30.00 if not paid on time.

All fees for any activity will also be invoiced through SMART TUITION.

Contact Number for SMART TUITION: 1-888-868-8828

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Tuition Officer, Mrs. Carol Lester at 215-672-5050 Ext. 224. Thank you for supporting Archbishop Wood.



Lockers:  all students are issued a locker.  Locks can be purchased in the Student Services Office. Only school locks are permitted. NB:  many students do not lock their lockers.  They feel it takes too much time to unlock their locker.  While most Wood students are very honest and this does not present a problem, the school does not take responsibility for any item taken from a locker.

Backpacks:  Students carry backpacks to and from school and between classes.

Cell phones:  Wood has a BYOD (Bring your own device) policy so students, under teacher direction, can use cell phones in class.  Parents are asked NOT to contact students during the day either by phone call or text.  Students using a phone without teacher permission will have their phone taken.

What do I do if I have to wait for a ride home?  Students waiting to be picked up after regular dismissal should wait in the Learning Commons.  This area is always supervised.

Where do I find all the details about the start of the new school year?  The summer newsletter contains everything needed for the first months of school.  The newsletter will be posted on the website in mid-July.



As we approach the 2016-2017 school year I would like to take the time to outline and hopefully answer questions concerning the point of sale (POS) system utilized in your school’s cafeteria.  Please read the following information carefully, and if you have any questions that remain unanswered, please feel free to call the school food service office.

How QuikLunch Works

QuikLunch is a computerized debit system that will allow you to pay in advance for meal purchases. The system works with a twelve key PIN pad located on the serving line that is similar to an automated teller machine (ATM). It will allow your son(s) or daughter(s) to enter their 8 digit personal identification number (PIN) to access their account.  Your child’s PIN is his or her Student ID Number that is provided by the school and will remain the same throughout the remaining years your child is enrolled at the school.   Please have him or her memorize this number.  All students will have an established debit account, although you will not be required to make advanced payments because the system still has the ability accept cash payments on a daily basis; however, he or she will need to enter their pin number for every transaction.

The Benefits to You and Your Child

Just like EZ Pass on the PA and NJ Turnpike, this system reduces time-consuming cash transactions, and makes our lunch lines move much faster, giving your student more time to eat and enjoy breakfast and/or lunch with their friends.  This system is very similar to those used in colleges and universities around the country which your son or daughter will be using just a few short years from now.  The system also allows us to print reports for you about what your child is purchasing.  Plus, if your child has a special dietary need, confidential notes can be added to his or her information so our cashiers know what he or she is or isn’t allowed to purchase. With the ability for your child to have a debit account also comes the ability for you to pay for meals in advance.  The options for advanced payment are as follows:


You can send CASH, A CERTIFIED CHECK, or a MONEY ORDER to your school’s cafeteria via mail or your student can bring it directly to the school cafeteria.  Cashiers will have pre-printed forms available to be used when making advanced payments. Your child(ren) can bring the form home for you to complete or you can have your child complete the form in the cafeteria.  Deposits must be made by 9:30 a.m. and will be available to your child immediately. We are no longer accepting non-certified personal checks.


For additional convenience we offer an online lunch account management option through www.payforit.net.  PayForIt offers you a convenient way to make advanced payments using a credit/debit card or ACH (electronic checking). This service also allows you to view recent purchases, current balance, and also receive automated balance alerts via email.  Additionally, like EZ-Pass, there is an auto-replenishment option as well that you can setup.  An Internet Convenience Fee (ICF) of 5.75% will be listed separately for each Credit/Debit Card transaction made using the web service.  There is a $1.75 Flat Fee for transactions made using electronic checks (ACH).  The transaction fee is only charged when you use Pay For It (PFI) to make payments to your child’s account.  There is NO CHARGE for using PFI to obtain balance records, check purchases, or to sign up for the service.

There are three easy steps to follow to get started:

Step 1: Signing up for an account with Pay For It.   The School District for your school is The Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  Where it asks for the Payment method please choose either ACH, or CC/Debit Card.

Step 2: After you have signed up for Pay For It you will be sent a confirmation email.  Go to the link in the email and enter the confirmation code to complete the setup of your account.

Step 3: Now that your account has been established you can now add your child to your account.  You will need to know your student’s Student ID # that is provided by the school to add them to your account, please add the number 10 to the beginning of the student ID.  NOTE:  Incoming Freshmen may not be available on the Pay For It Website until one week prior to the start of school.

If you have any questions about or need support with PayForIt, a support representative is available MondayFriday from 8:30AM to 7:30PM by calling 1-800-572-6642.

After you have added your student to your account you will be able to add money to their lunch account, and also view their purchase history.  This information will show on your Pay For It homepage.  Purchases will be updated on a daily basis.  Deposits made by 8AM will be available for Lunch.

Money will be automatically deducted as your child uses his or her account to make cafeteria purchases.  There is no limit on the amount of money that can be deposited into a debit account.  Utilizing this system also eliminates the need for your child to carry money for School Meals, greatly increasing the speed at which he or she goes through the cafeteria line.  Every student will enter his or her PIN number, thus insuring your child’s privacy.

Additional Questions and Concerns

ARAMARK is the contracted cafeteria provider for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia High Schools.  All questions regarding the POS system are to be directed to the ARAMARK supervisor only.  The ARAMARK supervisor will be able to add money to all students’ accounts and they will be able to refund balances should the student leave the school for any reason and upon graduation.  The school office staff will not be able to accept or refund monies to students; this can only be done through the ARAMARK supervisor on staff.  Parents can either pick up their refund at the school, or they can have it mailed directly to them.  Balances for returning students will be carried over to the next school year.  We highly recommend that you monitor the account balance as the school year comes to a close, to minimize the amount of money that is carried over.  Monies may also be transferred to siblings or if your child transfers to another Archdiocesan High School.

Jason Kozlowski

Food Service Director – ARAMARK



Marianne Kreckmann

Cafeteria Manager – ARAMARK kreckmann-marianne@aramark.com


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