Elementary School Writing Contest Awards Ceremony January 29, 2017


Here’s the list of schools and winners:

  1. Maternity BVM
  2. St Katharine Drexel
  3. St Jude
  4. St. Hilary
  5. Mary Mother Redeemer
  6. St Joseph-St Robert
  7. St Andrew
  8. St Anselm
  9. St Ephrem
  10. Queen of Angels
  11. Nativity
  12. Good Shepherd
  13. Our Lady Mount Carmel
  14. St. Ignatius of Antioch
  15. St Albert
  16. St Christopher

1st Grade:

Madison Hassan- St Albert the Great
Colin McGettigan- St Joseph-St Robert
Jacqueline Splendido- Mary Mother Redeemer

2nd Grade:

Mary Stelacio- Queen of Angels
Nina Tkach- St Joseph-St Robert
Jimmy Previtera- St Albert the Great

3rd Grade:

Avery Phillips- Mary Mother Redeemer
Connor Kuryluk- St Andrew
Ryan Damon- Our Lady Mount Carmel

4th Grade:

Nolan Grannells- St Albert the Great
Luke Tepfenhardt- Our Lady Mount Carmel
Kiersten Dunlap- Mary Mother Redeemer

5th Grade:

John Solana- Our Lady Mount Carmel
Helena Schea- Mary Mother Redeemer
Nicole Cartlidge- Queen of Angels

6th Grade:

Ava Baptista- St Anselm
Liam Cashman- Nativity of Our Lord
Luke Hess- Nativity of Our Lord

7th Grade:

Abigal Chacko- Maternity BVM
Lydia Couchara- Good Shepherd School
Gianna Gallo- Mary Mother Redeemer

8th Grade:

David Armstrong- Nativity of Our Lord
Anna Russo- St Katharine Drexel
Owen Coyle- Queen of Angels
Nicole Steinbach- Our Lady Mount Carmel
Joey Morace- St Christopher




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