Coronam Fidelitas Merebit Awards for 3rd Quarter

The following students will be recognized at a breakfast on
Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 7:40 AM.

Seniors – Class of 2017
Matthew Anzideo Accounting 1
Rhiannon Brodbine Theology IV
Karly Brown AP English Literature & Composition
Evan Capinas Trig/Pre-Calculus
Declan Cole AP Algebra Based Physics &
AP Spanish
Natalie Cornely Statistics
Harry Davis AP Environmental Science
Julie Dwyer Theology 4
Ayden Fortmann ELA IV
Macy Gillen Accounting 2
Megan Hom Comparative Government
Zachary Krewson AP Calculus Based Physics
Dillon Krier ELA IV
Conor Lynskey Precalculus
John Mallozzi ELA IV
Isabella Medica Anatomy & Physiology
John O’Hara 3D Design
Kathryn Ratner AP Biology
Patrick Rich Italian 4
Danielle Trodden Spanish IV
Daniel Zanine Theology IV


Juniors – Class of 2018
Robert Bailey Forensic Science
Cristian Baldomero Anatomy & Physiology
Sean Brill Automotive Engineering
Cara Coughlin Art 1
Edward Dawson Physics
Colleen Dougherty Personal Finance
Jacqueline Fagan French 3
Kiley Gallagher ELA III
Taylor Green Chemistry
Vijay Guragain Anatomy & Physiology
Rachel Hedricks Personal Finance
Margaret LaForge American Studies
Samantha Link Honors Physics
Haley McGowan Trig/Pre-Calculus
Colin Moore Spanish 3
Ian Nichols Robotics
Ronald Prime Spanish 3
Carly Ridings Band
Annemarie Troy ELA III


Sophomores – Class of 2019
Victoria Bell American Government & Politics & Biology
Connor Bishop Physical Education/Health Awareness
Vincent Cawley Italian 2
Michael Donahue Spanish 2
Cadence Engle Honors Chemistry
Andrew Friedman Spanish 2
Anthony Glass American Government & Politics
Edward Klos Geometry
Amanda McKenney Medical Careers
Makayla Mento Theology II
Savannah Mueller Strings and Honors ELA II
Kierra Nash ELA II
Sophia Panella Theology II
Steven Stibi Theology II
Christopher Thomas Biology
Elizabeth Velten Spanish 2
Brooke Wilburn American Government & Politics


Freshman – Class of 2020
Emily Branchide World History
Nicole Chesla Honors ELA
Hyeyeon Choi Chinese 1
Michael Conricode Critical Thinking
Megan DiMaria ELA I
Nicole DiMaria Algebra 1
Ryan DiVergilis Honors Algebra I
Katherine Gibson Spanish 1
Genevieve Gilliam French 1
Matthew Hassett ELA I
Alyssa Hellyer Italian 1
Edward McCormick Spanish 1
Evan McGeever World History
Stephen O’Donnell Spanish 1
Jaewon Oh Honors Geometry
Kayla Pyrih French 2
Lindsey Ricci Physics 9
Tim Schluth Honors Biology

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