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The purpose of counseling is to help students understand themselves in relationship to their environment, to develop their interests and potential in order to attain their life goals and to become a mature, self-directed Christian.

To assure every student the opportunity to use these services, they are listed below.  The counselor assignments are for the 2017-2018 school year.  Students are assigned to a counselor in freshman year and will continue with that counselor throughout their four years at Wood.



Located in Room 228 in the North Building


Mrs. Alicia Lynch                      Guidance Director, Guidance Center

alynch@archwood.org                                      215-672-5050, Ext. 309

Grade   9   GR – MO

Grade  10  HAU – PA

Grade  11   GE – MU

Grade  12  FI-MC


Mrs. Mary Connell                       Administrative Assistant

mconnell@archwood.org                               215-672-5050, Ext. 307



IU Counseling Center Room 212

Mrs. Kristen Bogart            Intermediate Unit Counselor

kbogart@archwood.org                          215-672-5050  Ext. 303

Grade   9    A-GO

Grade  10   A – HAR

Grade  11   A – GA

Grade  12   A – FE

Mrs. Tammy Butts               Intermediate Unit Counselor

tbutts@archwood.org                                215-672-5050  Ext 303

Grade   9  MU – Z

Grade  10  PE – Z

Grade  11  NA – Z

Grade  12  ME – Z

Mrs. Patricia A. Laurich          Administrative Assistant

plaurich@archwood.org                             215-672-5050 Ext. 303

FAX: 215-259-1617 (For Mrs. Bogart/Mrs. Butts/Mrs. Laurich)

Mrs. Geri Morel                                Counselor

All day Wednesdays and Thursdays     215-672-5050, Ext.  303

In the course of the year, each counselor will interview, at least once, every student for whom that counselor is responsible.  We realize, however, that problems and difficulties do not follow time schedules, so you may schedule an appointment whenever the need arises.

PROCEDURE FOR MAKING AN APPOINTMENT:  Please refer to the above list for your counselor’s location.  See your counselor during your free time or lunch to request an appointment.