“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.”

-Bill Gates

The above quote describes what Technology is all about here at Archbishop Wood High School. Our dedicated faculty members integrate technology into their subject areas to help motivate their students to understand what they are teaching.

Archbishop Wood High School continues to grow with the latest technology trends in the 21st Century for students to use across the curriculum. The school is currently on a Windows Server 2012 network infrastructure. Each student signs an Acceptable Technology Use Agreement in the beginning of each school year for using the network. Click here to view the agreement.

Currently, the school has five state of the art computer labs with Windows 8.1 Professional & Windows 10 Education OS along with Office 2013 Professional. Two of the five computer labs are used for computer application courses in Microsoft Office, Adobe product software and online virtual business software. The other two labs are used for faculty to integrate technology with their students. In addition, the school has a “Learning Commons”, formerly the Library, which consists of 38 Dell all-in-one 23 inch Windows 10 Education touch screen units for students to research the Internet, complete class assignments and work in collaborative groups. Teachers are encouraged to bring their classes to the Learning Commons to integrate technology. In the Fall of 2016, an additional lab with laptop computers has also been added for more classroom technology integration.

All classrooms are equipped with Windows 8.1 Professional laptop computers for students and teacher presentations. About 90% of the classrooms have ceiling/wall mounted multimedia projectors with Smartboard technology to use for interactive lessons. Over the Summer of 2014, six Smart interactive projectors were installed in classrooms that are now starting to replace the use of Smartboards. Students also have the opportunity to use iPads and chromebooks in all curriculum classes. All devices are secured in carts. The World Language department has special package software installed in one of the computer labs for students to record and work on pronunciation and language skills. The science labs use desktop, laptop and netbook computers for science experimental use. Cyber Science is another technology used in the science department for students to explore different scientific objects in both a 2D/3D environment. There is a 3D projector along with electronic 3D glasses to view each object in 3D.  The Music department has a piano lab for students to compose and listen to their own music and use MacBook Pro laptops/iPads. In the Fall of 2016, the STEM program received 16 new laptops with AutoCad and Mindstorm Lego software.

Archbishop Wood High School has a BYOD initiative for all grade levels. Teachers have an adapter to project what is on their iPad, some have Apple TV’s. This enables the teachers to utilize both Windows and iOS platforms in the classroom. The whole school is provided with wireless Internet access for this initiative.

As William Ferriter states in his article in Educational Leadership (February 2011), “Good teaching trumps good tools every time.  What the most effective teachers have discovered, however, is that good tools can make learning more efficient.” Archbishop Wood offers continued staff development workshops for its teachers to enhance technology use along with Web 2.0 tools.

Archbishop Wood will still continue to upgrade and introduce students to the latest technology used in education. Click on the “Technology Media” link to view how students are using technology throughout the school. For any further questions or concerns about our schools technology, click on the “Technology Staff” link to contact any of our department staff.

The “Learning Commons”