Academics are the focal point of student life at Archbishop Wood. All students are encouraged to make full use of their God given intellectual abilities. To this end, students are offered opportunities to enhance the usual course work including Advanced Placement, Diocesan Scholars, Art, Music, and numerous co-curricular activities.

Students can take a maximum of twenty-eight credits while at Archbishop Wood. This allows students the opportunity to choose seven elective courses. In this way, students have direction of the course of their education by choosing to pursue additional study in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, Business, Public Speaking, Art, and Music.

To qualify for graduation from Archbishop Wood, students must successfully complete a minimum of twenty-four course credits allocated as follows: Religion (4), English (4), Social Studies (3), Mathematics (3), Science (3), World Languages (2), Physical Education/Health (1), Fine Arts (1/2), Computer Applications (1/2), and Electives.

Grading and Tracking

Students are required to complete at least three assessment procedures each quarter along with separate assessments at the end of the first and second semester. Grades are issued following a numeric scale which ranges from 100 to 60 with reports being issued at the end of each quarter marking period.

Courses are tracked Advanced Placement and Tracks 1 through 4. Students are tracked based on their skills and strengths in the various subject areas. Materials, subject matter, assessments, and techniques are varied so that students can be challenged at a level appropriate to their abilities and skills in the particular subject area. Incoming students are tracked based on previous grades received, standardized test results, and teacher recommendations.

Numeric grades at each track level are converted to a 4.0 quality point scale with highest quality points assigned to Advanced Placement courses. Rank in class is determined by quality point average. Students receive a current rank on the average quality points for the semester. Cumulative rank is based on the average of all quality points earned to date. Rank in class is determined at the end of the first semester and at the end of the academic year.

Special Opportunities

Archbishop Wood students have the opportunity to participate in a number of academically enriching experiences. Three such opportunities are listed here. The Diocesan Scholars Program provides seniors with the opportunity to attend an area Catholic College/University and receive transferable college credit for successful completion of the coursework. Technical and vocational training are available with full academic credit for successful completion of coursework. Dual enrollment opportunities provided by local colleges are also available for qualified students.


Archbishop Wood High School is accredited by the following:

  • The Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
  • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • The Archdiocese of Philadelphia Secondary School System