Inclement Weather Dismissal Procedures

1. All students must have their Student ID available for inspection.
2. Only those students whose school district was called will be permitted to leave, including drivers/passengers and walkers.
3. We strongly urge all drivers to ride the bus instead of driving to school on those days of possible snow and ice.
4. When a school district is called, those students taking the bus will report to the auditorium and will be dismissed from there. Drivers/passengers and walkers will report to the Student Services Office.
5. Drivers/passengers and walkers reporting to the Student Services Office will sign a sheet of paper with their school district on it and it will be used as their permission slip to leave. The date and time will be stamped along with Mr. Mangin’s signature and it will be given to a teacher or staff member stationed at the doors.
6. Students will not be permitted to ride with another student unless we have written permission from both sets of parents (driver and passenger).
7. Your parents should not call the school to ask for a dismissal due to the bad weather, our phone lines need to stay open for emergencies.
8. Faculty & Staff will be posted at each door to check students’ permission slips as they are leaving.
9.  Your parents should check the web site frequently.
10. Please refer to page 34 and 35 in the student handbook for further information.

What is the Archbishop Wood’s Emergency School Closing number?

The number is 761. If school is closed due to weather conditions, we will update the home page of the website with school closing information. (If the storm conditions result in the loss of power and/or communications, we may not be able to communicate with our web server to update the homepage.) In those circumstances, individuals may listen to the radio for number 761 or look for 761 at That’s the KYW Storm Center’s (1060 AM) code for Archbishop Wood High School. If weather conditions worsen during the school day, administrators may order an early dismissal. (Whenever there is an early dismissal, we contact each of the busing districts to request early buses. But we do not have control over when they send the buses right away or they wait until the regular 2:15PM dismissal time.)