Steps for the College Application

i. Research Colleges
1. Think about what you want. Commute or live on campus? Major and activities. Use Naviance to search for colleges that match your criteria. Take a look at the colleges’ websites and then visit.

2. Keep an eye on Facebook or Twitter to see when colleges are having Information Sessions or Open Houses. Just search for Archbishop Wood Guidance on Facebook and AWHSguidance on Twitter. Or click the links below:
ii. Resume
1. The easiest way to complete a resume is to use the resume creator in Naviance. This takes you step by step through all of your activites, accomplishments, etc. This should be completed by the end of junior year.
iii. Teacher Recommendations.
1. We recommend you ask two teachers for recommendations. Not all colleges require them but many do. Ask the teacher in person and offer them a copy of our resume. Then log onto Naviance and follow the instructions below:

1. Click the Colleges tab

2. Be sure to have all the colleges to which you are applying listed in the “Colleges I am Applying to’ section

3. Click ‘Letters of Recommendation’

4. Click “Add Requests”

5. Select the teacher

6. ***Please select ALL Colleges***

7. Write a thank you note in the box provided.

***Your counselor will send the recommendations. Please be sure to indicate on the transcript request form which teacher recommendations you would like sent to that college.***

We will not hold up the application process if a recommendation has not been completed; therefore, it is your responsibility to follow up with your counselor to ensure your recommendations have been sent. You may also check by clicking the Colleges tab, Applications I am applying to and, right below the Common Applications Match box click “view detailed status”.
iv. College Interviews
1. Most colleges do not interview applicants but some, especially very competitive schools, do. Be prepared. Think about why you want to attend this particular college. Research the school and be sure to have questions ready.
v. Sending Test Scores
1. Students are responsible for sending their own test scores. There is a window of opportunity to send four for free so be sure to take advantage of this.
vi. Applying to College
1. You may apply to college directly from the college’s website. Just look for undergraduate admissions. You will create an account and complete the application. Some colleges use the Common Application exclusively or may give you that as an option. If you are applying to more than two schools which use the Common App this may be the way to go. For information about the Common App. Click here https://www.commonapp.org/Login The Pennsylvania State schools have their own application which is common to them all. Go here http://www.passhe.edu/answers/Pages/startnow.aspx#apply to apply.
vii. After you Apply
1. After you have submitted your application see your counselor for a transcript request form. Complete the form and hand it in with $5. Your counselor will send out your transcript and any other supporting documents which are required. Check the ‘ view detailed status’ on the ‘Colleges I am Applying to’ section of Naviance to see what was sent.
viii. How Does Naviance Fit in?
1. Naviance is where you can search for colleges, see what they are looking for and keep track of the progress of your application. If you put colleges in the ‘Colleges I am Thinking About’ list you will receive an email when one of these schools is visiting Wood.