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Scholarship “Scams”
Don’t Get Scammed – Unfortunately, in their efforts to pay the bills, many students and their families are falling prey to scholarship scams. The FTC cautions students to look for tell tale lines.
Fraudulent Scholarship Services – Many legitimate companies advertise that they can get students access to lists of scholarships in exchange for an advance fee that ranges from $10 to $400. Others charge an advance fee to compare a student’s profile with a database of scholarship opportunities and provide a list of awards for which the student may qualify. They don’t guarantee or promise scholarships or grants.
Ouch! Students Getting Stung – Need money for college? Doesn’t everybody? With tuition bills skyrocketing, and room and board going through the roof, students and their families are looking for creative ways to finance a college education. Unfortunately, in their efforts to pay the bills, many of them are falling prey to scholarship and financial aid scams.
Pennsylvania Colleges
Information about your colleges/universities within PA

Scholarship Sites: (Extensive search of scholarship) (Find a scholarship) ($217 billion in aid) (Search for scholarships/find a student loan) (Talking monkey walks you through scholarship search) (Worldest largest scholarship database) (1 profile unlocks millions in scholarships) (Search based on keywords) (GPA, community service, major searches, etc) (scholarship search/breaking the tuition barrier) (free college scholarships and financial aid searches) (scholarships, student loans,etc.) ((links you to web sites and admissions of hundreds of colleges w/ links to financial aid). (loans, assets assessment, etc.) (access 3 million scholarships worth more than $12 billion dollars!) (access to scholarships with wealth of interactive tools).

Interactive Search Tools (American Educational Services: Get Ready for College, manage loans) (Career – Career Descriptions, videos, aptitude tests) (College Board match maker) (Best authority on CSS Profile and the SAT) (Side by Side Comparison of schools) (Beat the tests/colleges/careers/scholarships) (Searches, applications, scholarships) (College Admissions & Student Aid Resource Hub)
Http:// (Colleges, scholarships, majors, student loans) (Standard college search and financial aid information) (Career exploration, select a school, financial aid) (paying for college) (chat with others about chances of acceptance, majors, etc) (admissions, financial aid/grants, etc.)
Http:// (advice on college specific questions from counselor) (Real answers to questions about college) (College Admissions Prep Calendar) (US News Education school rankings) (Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education top careers) (All About College) (online college guide) (University Links) (Applying, paying, deciding, financing) (They will tell you your chances of getting in) (What are your (Scholarships, college searches, etc) (helpful info on testing, college selection, financial aid, etc) (detailed info on admissions, financial aid, housing, etc.) (Find right fit, save $ and helpful blog and tips)

Virtual Tours (Tour many colleges from the comfort of your own home!) (Tour campuses without leaving your home!) (View virtual campus tours)

Forms (Common Application links to over 500 applications) (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Essay Help (includes 100 free sample essays, free essay writing tips, admission help center (site offers college admissions tips including writing admissions essays, preparing for interviews)

Ranking the School


Campus Security/Health and Safety for Students (OPE Campus Security Statistics Website) (Explore college health and safety issues) (Student health insurance quotes)

Interests/Skills Survey/Career Information (Occupation Outlook Handbook) (Take Control of Your Career)

Carrer/Personality Inventories/Choosing a Major/Career (Career Explorer Assessment)
Http:// (Explore careers, salaries, benefits, etc)

Financial Aid Calculators


Financial Aid Links (Apply to the FAFSA)

Scholarships for Minority, Low-Income, First Generation (United Negro College Fund) (American Indian Fund) (Hispanic Scholarship Fund) (American Indian College Fund)
Http:// (English and Spanish info on planning) (Scholarships for Hispanic) (College help network) (trains low income students students at a 4 day summit) ($200,000 for women pursuing engineer/computer degrees) (Nation’s largest non-profit for APIA) (help for Native Americans) ($13 million for Hispanic students with need) (African American students/community service) (African American majoring in science) (empowers under-represented students) (info, services and helpful resources for international students studying here)

Teat and Test Preparation (American College Testing) (Register online for the SAT’s) (SAT prep company home page) (Beat the test) (How to choose the best test to take) (Test prep company in Richboro) (Helpful prep tips and advice for raising scores) (Test prep in Gwynedd and Jenkintown) (Fun way to improve your vocabulary) (Dates, fees, etc. for the AP exams) (National Merit Qualification) (Information about 7,000 colleges that have optional SAT/ACT admissions)
http://www/ (68 hours of instruction/award winning SAT prep course)

For College Bound Athletes (National Collegiate Athletic Association) (helpful articles and 1-on-1 advice for student athletes going through college process)

Military (All about the military) (Army info) (Navy info) (Coast Guard info) (Marine info) (Air Force info)


Http:// (college info for students with autism spectrum disorders) (Start planning for your future in 8th grade) (Explore vocational and technical careers) (Profiles of community and junior colleges) (Link your favorite subjects to a career) (Find the right college for you)