Scholarship avaliable for Incoming Freshman


Visual Art: 8th grade students in Visual Arts Program 

Jennifer Beerley Memorial Scholarship: 8th grade students attending St. David’s

Skip Duffy Scholarship Application: 8th Grade students

The Claire Finley Scholarship: 8th grade students at St. David’s

Patricia Fogel Memorial: 8th graders at St. Joseph/St. Robert’s

The Giuseppe Giaimo Scholarship: 8th graders attending Nativity of Our Lord

The Hirschmann Family Scholarship: Incoming Students: 8th grade students

The Monaghan Scholarship: 8th Graders at Nativity of Our Lord School & residents of St. Vincent Parish

The Kelly Richards Scholarship for The Performing Arts: 8th Graders: Dance, Vocal, and Instrumental

Officer Brad Fox Scholarship: 8th grade student whose family is a member of the United States Military or is a Law Enforcement Officer

The Nancy Bachich Scholarship: 8th grade students attending Nativity of Our Lord

The Henry J. and Margaret C. Scholarship: 8th grade student attending Catholic Elementary School

Coronam Fidelitas Merebit Scholarship: All registered incoming 9th graders to Archbishop Wood High School