Shadow Request


We welcome ALL 8th, 9th, and 10th grade students to shadow Archbishop Wood High School and become a Viking For A Day!

We are happy to schedule your shadow day and link you up with a friend, relative, or someone who has the same interests as you!

Drop Off is 7:45 AM and Pick Up is 1:30 PM.

Viking guests may dress business casual (no shorts) or wear their school
uniform (if applicable).

A complimentary lunch is provided for all shadow students!

Due to events going on at Wood, the following days are unavailable to shadow:
April 2018- 12, 13, 24
The last day to shadow is April 27, 2018.
Have a great school year!
You will receive a confirmation email from admissions@archwood.org to the email address provided on the form.  Requests received March 28 - April 2 will be responded to during the week of April 3.  Please plan your schedule accordingly.

You will receive a confirmation email from admissions@archwood.org to the email address provided on the form.

Thank you!

Click here to complete the "Viking for a Day" form.