St. Thomas More Honors Program

Learn Today to Lead Tomorrow

Mission Statement:
St. Thomas More Honors Program provides each student a humanities-based Catholic education steeped in a Jesus’ example to serve.  This unique educational experience is infused with the rich learning environment that the Philadelphia region provides.  In addition to developing critical thinking skills necessary in the 21st century; it is a place where the true art of learning is fully developed by the individual student to ignite a life of learning and leading.

Guiding philosophy:
Students need to be prepared for the ever-changing life that is ahead of them.  The best way to prepare students is to instill in them a love of learning and the skills to constantly learn in any situation.

We want to bring the learning outside the school building and expose them to experiences for faith, service and education in the area around us.  This area has so much to offer!

We would like to educate the whole person by facilitating experiences for the students to learn in an organic way.   Project based learning will be the norm.  Ideally, the students will develop a solution to a problem that they recognize.

Faith and reason are two of the guiding themes that our students will use to work through these problems.  Student-led prayer services would be one demonstration of students living their faith.

Service is something that is paramount in this program.  We would like to introduce service to the community.  One way we would like to develop this is through partnering with an inner city Catholic grade school to help the younger kids and provide our students with a meaningful experience.

Practical Considerations:
Students will work together in a small cohort.  We will attempt to limit the size of the class to 20-22 students.

If students need to move out of the cohort then they will return to regular program without much difficulty.  The curriculum is similar.

All members of the cohort will participate in a program the summer prior to 9th grade.

Students must apply for Admission to the Honors Program.  Admission will be based on a student’s transcript, standardized test scores (Terra Nova or PSSA), a writing sample, and an interview.  Acceptance to Archbishop Wood is required.  Archbishop Wood requires the submission of a transcript and standardized test scores when applying for acceptance.  These documents do not need to be re-submitted.

In The St. Thomas More Honors Program, the students drive their learning experience through innovation and their interests within the Archdiocesan curriculum.  The students can thrive in their learning environment through small class sizes, flexible scheduling, and experiences outside of the classroom.

Students will follow the required 9th grade curriculum:  Theology, ELA, World History, Math, Science, and World Languages.  The 7th class will be dedicated to the Honors Program to allow for speakers, extended class time, real world experiences, and project based learning.

Deadline for application:  January 15, 2018.

Click here to download the St. Thomas More Honors Program application.