List of Activities

Art Club

This organization serves both the individual student as well as the entire school community. All students are welcomed and invited to join this group in various capacities. The members of the Art Club may plan professional portfolios, explore career opportunities, paint a mural in the school building or assist in the design of the set for the school productions.

Athletes Helping Athletes

AHA believes that a world of greater acceptance for all can begin with our children, sharing athletic experiences and a love for sport while developing compassion and mutual respect. Archbishop Wood, in conjunction with AHA Inc., provides opportunities for dances, athletic events and fun activities to students with special needs in a spirit of friendship and mutual inspiration.

Jazz Band/Concert Band

The Archbishop Wood Jazz Lab Ensemble is an experimental performance/composition ensemble that features students on any and all instruments.  In addition to its focus on performance of a variety of styles the group serves as a real life music lab for students to experiment and explore basic compositional skills as they begin to learn how to compose and arrange music for a jazz ensemble.  The Archbishop Wood Jazz Lab Ensemble performs at all school concerts and at a number of assemblies and school events.

Chess Club

The Chess Club is for students who enjoy the one on one competition of a strategy oriented game. The club meets after school one or more days a week. All students are welcome to participate at every skill level.

Mock Trial Team

The Mock Trial Team is a new club at Archbishop Wood High School. This club is for students who are interested in law. The team prepares actual legal briefs to be presented at both the Montgomery County and Bucks County Courthouses. The members of the team assume the roles of Judge, Prosecutor and Defense Attorney as they present their case against teams from area schools.

Community Service Corp (CSC)

National Honor Society

Membership in the NHS is an honor bestowed upon a student in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. Selection for membership is based upon outstanding scholarship, character, leadership and service. Once selected, these members must continue to demonstrate these qualities within the school and local community. The projects of the NHS include a tutoring program, participation in “Daffodil Day” and the Donate a Lunch Drive. New members of the National Honor Society are inducted once a year.


The School newspaper provides its staff members with the experience in many facets of journalism which include interviewing, reporting, rewriting, copy reading, editing, typing, photography and page layout. A faculty moderator and student editor oversee this yearlong activity.

Performing Arts / Theatre

At Wood we produce two full-scale musicals each year. Our audition process is user friendly and open to students of all experience levels. We provide a challenging experience for students who wish to pursue a future in theater, and an entertaining, inviting atmosphere for those who want to participate just for fun! We offer excellent opportunities for dancers through our dance team, which is responsible for producing a large portion of choreography for each show. Many options are available for those who wish to be on stage crew, whether through set construction, artistic set painting, or running crew for our performances. Our fall musical takes place in December and the spring show in March.  Past shows include The Sound of Music, Bye Bye Birdie, Meet Me In St. Louis, Fiddler On the Roof and many more! For more information or to follow our activity, subscribe to our blog:, join our Facebook group: ABW Performing Arts Department, or email Bridget Cotellese, Theater Program Director, at

Robotics Team

The Robotics Team is the newest addition to the wide array of clubs that Archbishop Wood has to offer. It focuses on a synergistic type of teamwork intended to design, build, program, customize and operate a robot in an allotted time frame of six weeks. The robot must be able to complete an assigned task and compete against other robots from opposing schools. What makes this activity so unique is the number of different teams that need to work in parallel to ready the robot and see it through the competition. The Programming Team is responsible for the core internal electrical work, while the Building and Assembling Team is responsible for the actual building of the robot. The Operating Team’s  task is to run the robot during the competition. These teams must prepare separately and then come together in synergy on the day of the competition. For more information, contact the team moderator, Mr. Thom Galie, at

Science / Health Careers Club

This club enables students to become more aware of the many career choices available in the health field. Through guest speakers and field trips, students learn about nursing, medical records, veterinary medicine, research and physical therapy. If one of these areas are of interest to a student, this club will be a rewarding and fun experience.

Show Band

The Show Band provides musical accompaniment for the two Theater Productions each school year.

Stage Crew

The Stage Crew are the true unsung stars of all of the theater productions. Set designers, light and sound technicians, ground, prop and curtain crews really make the show and all school events possible. We have stage crew for school activities and for the play.

Student Council

The purpose of the Student Council is two-fold, to promote all student activities, thereby promoting school spirit and unity; and to serve the school and community. The officers and representatives of the Student Council are elected by the students with the approval of the administration. These elected students represent the entire student body, presenting suggestions and concerns to the administration.

TV Crew / Student Anchors

The director of Television Services coordinates all phases of the school’s closed circuit television network and works with the staff to implement its use in the curriculum.Each morning the news of the day, upcoming events and sports results are broadcast to the school by student reporters. Guest appearances are made by members of other clubs and teams. Students use this time on the TV to promote their activity or sporting event.

Many of the school events are covered by the Television Crew to broadcast a program live throughout the school or to be shown at a later time. Television Services employs a technical crew of students to handle the video and audio controls and to operate the studio camera, as well as an anchor staff to report school news. These crew members are selected each Spring from among academically eligible students who apply for the positions.


The Yearbook is an all year activity for students. The senior editors, along with the dedicated staff of underclassmen, attempt to capture the memorable moments of the school year and create a lasting treasure. The members of the yearbook staff work diligently to provide a record of the year’s activities and characters. All students are encouraged to become part of this important activity.

Media Club

The AW Media Club is about using all forms of media to enhance community awareness of the positive happenings of Archbishop Wood High School.

Comic Club


Improv Club


Dance Team


Vikings for Hope

Vikings for hope is a club that helps to financially and emotionally support members of the community. The students sell t-shirts, sponsor dances, write letters, etc to help those in need of hope.





Speech and Debate Team

The AW Speech and Debate Team, also known as forensics, is an exciting way for students to become more confident in their public speaking abilities. This is accomplished through local, state, and national tournaments, where students compete against each other to earn points for appropriate delivery of speeches, short stories, poems, and persuasive essays, as well as participation in student congress (where students enter a “bill” to be voted on by the congress), debates (where students go “head to head” against each other), and public forums (where students enter a “resolution” to be refuted or accepted by the resolution committee). We generally practice once per week on Thursdays until 3:30, and attend several tournaments throughout the year. The local season ends with a banquet in April or May, and the national season ends with a tournament somewhere in the U.S. All students are welcome to participate! No experience is necessary. We will teach you all you need to know to be successful! If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Hartranft at