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Coach contacts are located on the left tab on this page.  Contact the Athletic Director, Mr. Joe Sette, at for specific athletic questions. Mr. Sette can also be reached at 215-672-5050 extension 260.


The interscholastic Athletic Program is administered by the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs and the Director of Athletics and includes Baseball, Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball, Boys’ and Girls’ Bowling, Boys’ and Girls’ Cross-Country, Field Hockey, Cheerleading, Golf, Football, Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer, Softball, Boys’ and Girls’ Swimming, Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse, Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis, Boys’ and Girls’ Track, Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball, and Wrestling. An Ice Hockey Club is recognized (but not financially supported or sponsored by the school).


The aim of the athletic program is to develop initiative, school spirit, and good sportsmanship, by instilling a concern and respect for life and health; fostering leadership skills, and encouraging the achievement of self-confidence through participation in the personal decisions which shape the character of a true champion. Additionally, the athletic program seeks to have each student develop his/her entire physical potential by increasing strength, endurance, and agility.

Interscholastic Competitive Sports

Archbishop Wood High School is a member of the Philadelphia Catholic League for both boys and girls competition. Beginning in 2007, the Philadelphia Catholic League became an official member of PIAA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association) and District 12. We subscribe to the rules and regulations as outlined in the Constitution of the Catholic League and the Consitution and Bylaws of PIAA. Contests scheduled with Non-PIAA member schools are regulated by the bylaws of the PIAA.

Commitments of the Student Athlete

All student-athletes are bound AT ALL TIMES to observe the rules and regulations of Archbishop Wood High School, as outlined in the student handbook.

Additionally, the student-athlete must:

  • Maintain a satisfactory academic standing to be eligible for competition. The policies concerning academic eligibility shall be published for all athletes and enforced by the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs and the Director of Athletics.
  • Follow all written regulations and the Department of Athletics and the team of which he/she is a member.
  • Assume responsibility for presenting the Head Coach of the team (prior to the first practice) a “Green Card” issued by the Business Office. This card indicates that the student-athlete has an up-to-date physical examination on file with the Director of Athletics and that all school financial obligations are met.
  • Accept the responsibility for fundraising over and above that directed by the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs. For example, each student must participate in either the school drives or pay the fundraising fee. In addition to that requirement, each student-athlete must participate in raising funds indigenous to each sport in which the athlete is involved. The funds raised for sports are absolutely essential to the survival of the athletic programs of Archbishop Wood High School. Therefore, all sports must participate in this endeavor.
  • No student shall be eligible to participate in Practices, Inter-School Practices, Scrimmages and or Contests unless the student has first completed a pre-participation evaluation (“PPE”) performed by an Authorized Medical Examiner. The physical examination for fall sports must be performed after June 1. The PPE or re-certification for all other sports shall not be performed earlier than six weeks prior to the first Practice day for each applicable sport. The PPE or Re-Certification form can be obtained in the Business Office – Rm. 245. The students MUST USE THE FORMS PROVIDED BY THE SCHOOL.
  • Attend all practices, games, and fund-raising activities of the team of which he/she is a member. Each coach, acting in conjunction with the Director of Athletics will establish a written policy which governs the penalties for unexcused absence from such required times of participation.
  • Maintain any school-issued or personal equipment in such a way as to be able to represent Archbishop Wood.