AP Course Applications 2021-2022

To apply for any AP course for the 2021-2022 academic year, please click on the links below. A complete submission includes the "AP Interest Form" and the Google form link for each AP course you are interested in taking.

Google Form links for AP Courses

AP Sciences: https://forms.gle/VaU4hExQcy2V2JYu5

AP Psychology: https://forms.gle/9Ta7yZzjHin6moG26

AP US History: https://forms.gle/4y6dsCeciwxoYJVt7

AP Government: https://forms.gle/z9UMQWYAAxw5Eekq9

AP Computer Science: https://forms.gle/SjyuHyGutgxuyKS36

AP Language and Composition: https://forms.gle/z6cjVcW97h4zFBp5A

*Note - there is a qualifying test for AP English Exams that will take place on
 March 8th/10th

AP Literature and Composition: https://forms.gle/cSmemwekjrxTVx7a6

AP Calculus: https://forms.gle/R7KiahHcHPktSmGZA

*Note - there is a qualifying test for AP Math Exams that will take place on
 March 11th/12th