Applying to College? All you need to know..


Welcome to the most anticipated year of your high school career which can be both exciting and stressful as the you navigate the path to your future. The Counseling Department is dedicated to providing you with many opportunities to make the best decision for your future by providing you with the most up to date information as well as many opportunities to connect with career professionals, college admissions counselors, financial aid advisors, military leaders, and more.

We will continuously send out important information via:   
Naviance Student   
School Email/Website

Senior Year Timeline: Click here for a checklist and timeline for staying on track.
College Search: Begin to finalize your list of schools that are the best fit. Apply to four or more colleges including at least 1 college you’re confident you can get into and 1 college that you have a chance of 1 getting into but may be a stretch. Make a list of the application, testing, and financial aid requirements for each college including deadlines.

Common Application: Begin to work on your Common Application if any of your schools require this.

Below are some school specific questions that you may be asked to report on your common application:

For Class Rank indicate EXACT  
For Graduating Class Size indicate 253
For GPA  indicate WEIGHTED and for SCALE  indicate 4.0
For your Counselor’s information Click Here

Click Here for a Complete Guide to the Common Application

Requesting Transcripts: Please do not request transcripts until AFTER the following tasks are complete:
  • You have completed and submitted the application to the school in which you are requesting for a transcript to be sent to
  • You have added that school to your Naviance Account under tab Colleges > Colleges I’m Applying To > Add College
    *Be sure to sign your FERPA waiver on your common app and match it to your NAVIANCE account to allow us permission to send your documents

Transcript Request Forms must be filled out in person in your counselor’s office.
There is a $5 fee for each request.
We need approximately 3 weeks to process your request so be sure to keep an eye on deadlines.
Test ScoresCheck the requirements for each school you are applying to as some may require the ACT, SAT, or SAT Subject Tests.

Click here for dates or to register for the SAT  

Sending Test Scores
: Test scores MUST be sent from College Board or ACT directly to the college. We can not send test scores.  You can send 4 free scores when you register for the SAT/ACT.

Letters of Recommendation: We recommend asking at least two teachers for a letter of recommendation. Check to see if one or more of your schools require either a third letter or a Counselor letter.  Ask your counselor for a letter ONLY if your school requires one. Once a teacher has verbally agreed to write you a letter, you must then add that request into Naviance under tab Colleges > Colleges Home > Letters of Recommendation > Add Request

Submit your FAFSA: (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Filing for the FAFSA begins October 1st.
Each college may have a different deadline for completion. Check with the college(s) you are interested in attending.

Complete your CSS Profile/Financial Aid PROFILE® PROFILE is an online application used by certain colleges and scholarship programs to determine eligibility for aid. Most families pay less than full price. Get an estimate of your family’s share of college costs here:  Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Calculator

Search for and apply for private scholarships at College Board Access. Scholarships can also be found in Naviance.

Going Merry is a great site that allows students to fill out a common application to apply to many scholarships.


Make an Appointment with your Counselor:  

If you would like to meet with your counselor, please fill out an appointment slip in the counselor’s office. Students who request an appointment will be seen first. Please understand that it may take up to 48 hours to be seen. You can also email us for an appointment request.