Links to Useful Websites

Scholarship “Scams”
Don’t Get Scammed – Unfortunately, in their efforts to pay the bills, many students and their families are falling prey to scholarship scams. The FTC cautions students to look for tell tale lines.
Fraudulent Scholarship Services – Many legitimate companies advertise that they can get students access to lists of scholarships in exchange for an advance fee that ranges from $10 to $400. Others charge an advance fee to compare a student’s profile with a database of scholarship opportunities and provide a list of awards for which the student may qualify. They don’t guarantee or promise scholarships or grants.
Ouch! Students Getting Stung – Need money for college? Doesn’t everybody? With tuition bills skyrocketing, and room and board going through the roof, students and their families are looking for creative ways to finance a college education. Unfortunately, in their efforts to pay the bills, many of them are falling prey to scholarship and financial aid scams.
Pennsylvania Colleges
Information about your colleges/universities within PA

Scholarship Sites:

http://www.fastweb.com (Extensive search of scholarship)
http://www.zinch.com (Find a scholarship)
http://www.scholarships.com ($217 billion in aid)
http://www.findtuition.com (Search for scholarships/find a student loan)
http://www.scholarship-monkey.com (Talking monkey walks you through scholarship search)
http://www.schoolsoup.com (Worldest largest scholarship database)
http://www.cappex.com/scholarships (1 profile unlocks millions in scholarships)
http://www.scholarship-page.com/ (Search based on keywords)
http://www.scholarships4school.com/ (GPA, community service, major searches, etc)
http://www.collegenet.com/mach25/app (scholarship search/breaking the tuition barrier)
http://www.college-scholarships.com/ (free college scholarships and financial aid searches)
http://www.tuitions.com/ (scholarships, student loans,etc.)
http://www.scholarstuff.com ((links you to web sites and admissions of hundreds of colleges w/ links to financial aid).

http://www.collegepayway.com (loans, assets assessment, etc.)
http://www.NextStepU.com/scholarships (access 3 million scholarships worth more than $12 billion dollars!)

http://www.collegetoolkit.com (access to scholarships with wealth of interactive tools).

Interactive Search Tools

http://www.aessuccess.org/ (American Educational Services: Get Ready for College, manage loans)
http://careerexplorer.net/ (Career Explorer.net – Career Descriptions, videos, aptitude tests)
http://collegesearch.collegeboard.com/search/adv_typeofschool.jsp (College Board match maker)
http://www.collegeboard.com (Best authority on CSS Profile and the SAT)
http://apps.collegeboard.com/search/sidebyside.jsp (Side by Side Comparison of schools)
http://www.princetonreview.com/home.asp (Beat the tests/colleges/careers/scholarships)
http://www.collegenet.com/ (Searches, applications, scholarships)
http://www.inlikeme.com/ (College Admissions & Student Aid Resource Hub)
Http://www.careersandcolleges.com (Colleges, scholarships, majors, student loans)
http://www.mycollegeguide.org/ (Standard college search and financial aid information)
http://www.Pennsylvaniamentor.org (Career exploration, select a school, financial aid)
http://www.petersons.com (paying for college)
http://www.collegeconfidential.com/ (chat with others about chances of acceptance, majors, etc)
http://www.gocollege.com (admissions, financial aid/grants, etc.)
Http://www.collegelab.net (advice on college specific questions from counselor)
http://www.knowhowtogo.org (Real answers to questions about college)
http://collegeapps.about.com/library/calendar/blcalendar1.htm (College Admissions Prep Calendar)
http://www.Usnews.com/sections/education/index.html (US News Education school rankings)
http://www.passhe.edu/ (Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education top careers)
http://www.allaboutcollege.com/ (All About College)
http://www.braintrack.com/ (online college guide)
http://www.ULinks.com/ (University Links)
http://www.collegeanswer.com/index.jsp (Applying, paying, deciding, financing)
http://www.go4college.com (They will tell you your chances of getting in)
http://www.princetonreview.com/college/research/articles/find/MatchReachSafety.asp (What are your http://www.NextStepU.com (Scholarships, college searches, etc)
http://www.supercollege.com (helpful info on testing, college selection, financial aid, etc)

http://www.matchcollege.com (detailed info on admissions, financial aid, housing, etc.)

http://www.barbpytel.com (Find right fit, save $ and helpful blog and tips)

Virtual Tours

http://www.youvisit.com/education (Tour many colleges from the comfort of your own home!)
http://www.CampusTours.com (Tour campuses without leaving your home!)

http://www.ecampustours.com (View virtual campus tours)


https://www.commonapp.org/CommonApp/default.aspx (Common Application links to over 500 applications)
http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Essay Help

http://www.essayedge.com (includes 100 free sample essays, free essay writing tips, admission help center
http://www.collegebasics.com (site offers college admissions tips including writing admissions essays, preparing for interviews)

Ranking the School


Campus Security/Health and Safety for Students

http://www.ope.ed.gov/security/ (OPE Campus Security Statistics Website)
http://www.cdc.gov/features/collegehealth/ (Explore college health and safety issues)
http://www.online-health-insurance.com/ (Student health insurance quotes)

Interests/Skills Survey/Career Information

http://www.bls.gov/oco/ (Occupation Outlook Handbook)
http://www.monster.com (Take Control of Your Career)

Carrer/Personality Inventories/Choosing a Major/Career

http://careerexplorer.net/features/career_assessment.asp (Career Explorer Assessment)
Http://www.careeronestop.org (Explore careers, salaries, benefits, etc)

Financial Aid Calculators


Financial Aid Links

http://www.fafsa.ed.gov (Apply to the FAFSA)

Scholarships for Minority, Low-Income, First Generation

http://www.uncf.org (United Negro College Fund)
http://www.aihec.org/ (American Indian Fund)
http://www.hsf.net (Hispanic Scholarship Fund)
http://www.collegefund.org (American Indian College Fund)
Http://www.chciyouth.org (English and Spanish info on planning)
http://www.hispanicfund.org (Scholarships for Hispanic)
http://www.blackexcel.org (College help network)
http://www.collegesummit.org (trains low income students students at a 4 day summit)

http://www.societyofwomenengineers.org/scholarships/brochure.aspx ($200,000 for women pursuing engineer/computer degrees) http://www.apiasf.org/scholarships.html (Nation’s largest non-profit for APIA)

http://www.collegehorizons.org (help for Native Americans)
http://www.lnesc.org ($13 million for Hispanic students with need)

http://www.ronbrown.org (African American students/community service)

http://www.uncf.org (African American majoring in science)

http://www.csopportunity.org (empowers under-represented students)

http://www.internationalstudent.com (info, services and helpful resources for international students studying here)

Teat and Test Preparation

http://www.act.org (American College Testing)
http://www.collegeboard.com (Register online for the SAT’s)
http://www.kaplan.com/ (SAT prep company home page)
http://www.princetonreview.com (Beat the test)
http://www.petersons.com (How to choose the best test to take)
http://www.educationalexcellence.com (Test prep company in Richboro)
http://www.freesat1prep.com (Helpful prep tips and advice for raising scores)
http://www.aplustutoring.com (Test prep in Gwynedd and Jenkintown)
http://www.vocabulary.com (Fun way to improve your vocabulary)
http://www.apcentral.collegeboard.com (Dates, fees, etc. for the AP exams)
http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/psat/about.html (National Merit Qualification)
http://www.fairtest.org (Information about 7,000 colleges that have optional SAT/ACT admissions)
http://www/getsatprep.com (68 hours of instruction/award winning SAT prep course)

For College Bound Athletes

http://www.ncaa.org (National Collegiate Athletic Association)
http://www.athletesadvisor.com (helpful articles and 1-on-1 advice for student athletes going through college process)


http://www.todaysmilitary.com/ (All about the military)
http://www.army.mil/ (Army info)
http://www.navy.mil/ (Navy info)
http://www.uscg.mil/default.asp (Coast Guard info)
http://www.marines.com/ (Marine info)
http://www.af.mil/ (Air Force info)


Http://www.aspfi.org/college/ (college info for students with autism spectrum disorders)
http://www.mappingyourfuture.org/collegeprep/mhscstudents.htm (Start planning for your future in 8th grade)
http://www.khake.com/index.html (Explore vocational and technical careers)
http://www.communitycollegereview.com (Profiles of community and junior colleges)
http://www.bls.gov/k12/ (Link your favorite subjects to a career)
http://www.nces.ed.gov/ipeds/cool (Find the right college for you)