School Announcements - June 6

Wednesday 6/6 - A Bell - Day 3

AP Computer Science

Attention all students registered to take  AP Computer Science Principles next year, please come to a mandatory meeting in Room 200 on Friday, June 8th after announcements. The summer assignment will be given out and explained.

AP U.S. History

All 2018-2019 AP U.S. History students are to report to a mandatory meeting after school on Monday, June 11th.  The summer assignments and textbook will be discussed.

AP Chem

Any student who is registered to take AP Chemistry next year must see Mr Webb by the end of the week, in room 319 to pick up your textbook and summer assignment

AP Bio

All students who are registered for AP Biology next year are asked to attend a mandatory meeting during homeroom Today. Please come to room 118 after morning announcements on Wednesday to meet your teacher and to pick up summer assignments.

AP Physics

All AP physics students must meet with Mr. Galie in room 218 tomorrow from 2:30 to 3:30 to receive your textbooks and to go over the summer assignment


Today during homeroom in the auditorium, we will be picking our theme for next year, everyone is invited to join us and put in your vote. If you are an AP Student and have a meeting, come after that meeting!


If you would like to  make a difference in someone's life and  you want to help create a more positive and respectful environment here at Wood please consider joining C.A.R.E.'s.  We are a student based program that strives to put an emphasis on having respect and dignity for ourselves, our classmates, teachers and staff.  If you are interested or would like more information please see Mr. Mangin in SSO as soon as possible.

From the Student Services Office

Anyone interested in becoming part of the Archbishop Wood  Safety and Security team please see Mr. Mangin in SSO as soon as possible.   

Late Busses

The last day for the late bus for Hatboro-Horsham School District  will be Tomorrow, June 7.

The last day for the late bus for Bensalem and Neshaminy School Districts will be Friday, June 8.  


HOSA Sophomores. If you have signed up for American Heart Association CPR training, see Dr. Halloran immediately after announcements in lab room 322.

And Finally…

Among many other strange topics that are trending lately, we find that Corduroy pillows are making headlines