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Archbishop Wood TV Studio 2019-2020

Descriptions of student positions

It should be noted that attendance and dedication are required for each of these positions.
If you are someone who tends to be absent often or tends to struggle with balancing the various things you are involved with then this may not be for you.

  • Student Anchor
      • The anchor is our main on-air personality.
      • The anchor’s primary task is delivering various school announcements.
      • Anchors should be able to create a persona that engages the viewer and grabs their attention so that all information is delivered successfully.
      • Anchors report to the studio daily, and the on-air schedule rotates on a weekly basis.
      • We will need about 6 students for this position.

  • Technical Crew Member
      • Crew members run the technical aspects of the studio. They run the various equipment during the live broadcast each morning such as the cameras, the sound board, and switching the various feeds. All crew members report to the studio every day.
      • We will need 4-5 students for this position.

  • Weatherperson
      • This position is held by a single student.
      • The weatherperson provides the school with a brief description of the upcoming forecast.
      • The weatherperson reports two days of the week.
        • On Mondays they report the “weekday weather” providing the forecast for Monday-Thursday of that week.
        • On Fridays they report the “weekend weather” providing the forecast for Friday-Sunday.
      • In the event that a week is short, best judgment will be used as to whether the weather should be broadcast.

  • Sportscaster
    • This position is held by a single student.
    • The sportscaster must be in contact with the various teams to provide info about the results and highlights of past games/matches/meets as well as the schedule for the upcoming ones. While the sportscaster doesn’t necessarily need to attend every event, it would help to try to attend a few.
    • We would like to bring in more video highlights, player/coach interviews, and student athlete spotlights to this segment
    • Currently, the sportscaster has a segment at the beginning and the end of the week, however, special circumstances may call for additional time during the week.

  • Multimedia Production Team Member
    • Separate from the TV Studio, but working alongside it to create content for broadcast on TV and YouTube.
    • Collect footage and photos from various school events to create commercial-length videos to encourage school spirit.
    • Perform and record interviews at events and at lunches on various topics.