Announcements - Oct 9th

Wednesday October 9, 2019 - A Bell, Day 5

Happy Birthday today to:

Sophomore:  Jaden Burlingame

Community Service Corps

There will be a CSC meeting on Monday Oct 14 immediately after school in room 301

Swim Team

Anyone interested in joining or getting information for the swim team, there will be a meeting Wednesday October 16th at 6:30pm in the Student Center. All swimmers and their parents are encouraged to attend. 

Speech and Debate: 

We will have a team practice for ALL Congress members (JV and Varsity) this Thursday October 10 immediately after school in room 231 until 3:30pm. Please come with at least one affirmative and one negative speech for Bill #1 on the docket that is posted on Classroom so we can listen to each other's speeches and give feedback. NOTE: Speech participants will not have practice this week.  


There will be a Parent Player meeting for anyone interested in playing softball in the spring season. The meeting will be at 6:30 pm on Thursday, October 10 in the auditorium.  All are welcome.  

Writing Help: 

October is here, so maybe you already have a writing assignment that’s due soon, or a college essay you need to finish up and turn-in this week.  Why not stop by the Learning Commons during your lunch period to get some help with your writing? 

Mr. Velten, a retired ELA teacher, will be in the Learning Commons on Tuesdays and Thursdays to give you the help you need. So bring that paper or essay in, and get some help  to improve your sentences, make your thesis more clear, and brush up those spelling and punctuation problems! 

Oh, and one more thing . . . Mr. Velten is also in the Learning Commons every day from 3 to 5 PM. So if you’re waiting for practice to start, or you’re killing time until the late bus comes, or if you just don’t want to go home right away, then stop by for some writing help. Once again, Tuesdays and Thursdays, periods 3 to 7, and every day from 3 to 5 PM, in the Learning Commons for some writing help."

From the Development Office:

All students interested in applying for scholarships: the applications can be found on the school's website under the Alumni tab. Applications are due by Friday, December 13, 2019 to Mrs. Williams at swilliams@archwood.org or to the Development Office Room 237.

And finally…

As I suspected, someone has been adding soil to my garden. The plot thickens!