Announcements - Jan 13th


Tuesday January 13, 2021  “HA” Bell, Day 3

Birthday Greetings

Happy BELATED Birthday to: Marcus Randolph whose birthday was yesterday

Happy Birthday TODAY to: Christian Crane

1st Semester Exams

Exams for fine arts, business, and elective courses are taking place between now and Tuesday January 19 please see your teacher for an exact date for your exam.

Other subjects will follow this schedule: 

On Wed Jan 20th and Thurs Jan 21st, Science and Theology

On Fri Jan 22nd and Mon Jan 25th, Social Studies and Math

On Tues Jan 26th and Wed Jan 27th, ELA and World Languages

Please see your teacher for any more information.

The Wood App

Have you downloaded the Archbishop Wood app yet? You can find it by searching “Archbishop 

Wood” in your phone’s app store. Download it to have important notifications sent directly to 

your phone!

and finally… 

There is a report of someone stealing hundreds of cans of Red Bull from a local store. 

I don't know how they can sleep at night.

https://youtu.be/3BR5XKEmJBI Source: WOOD TV on YouTube