Welcome to the Counseling Department

*A large portion of this production was filmed prior to Covid-19. All follow up footage was taken with health and safety protocol in place. Thank you.

The Louise Ciabarra College and Career Counseling Center at Archbishop Wood High School is an open concept space that warmly welcomes students, parents, college representatives, and more! The objective of the center is to provide college and career readiness and demystify all the steps needed in the process. AWHS is proud to offer this non-compartmentalized space to best serve our Viking community! Funding for this center was provided in part by The Ciabarra Family and donors like you, thank you!

Each student at Archbishop Wood is assigned a specific counselor who will assist him/her from freshman through senior year. Our school counseling programs are collaborative efforts benefiting the overall school community. The reason your child is assigned to one specific counselor throughout his/her time as an Archbishop Wood student is to aide in building a strong foundation of support, trust, growth and development.
In an effort to provide early intervention and prevention please do not hide any concerns you may have regarding your child. If you notice a change in your child, please let us know right away. If your child has had an issue/concern in the past, please reach out as we are here to help.

Please review our Counseling Services - FAQ for information regarding both the services and limitations we can provide as school counselors.
The Counseling Department will share information regarding upcoming events, opportunities and resources via email, Viking Views, school website, Remind and social media.

College and Career Center

Faculty & Staff

Room 212 


Mrs. Alicia Lynch
Director of Counseling


Mrs. Tammy Butts
School Counselor


Mrs. Kristen Bogart 
School Counselor   kbogart@bucksiu.org


Mrs. Suzanne Waltrich
Scholarship Opportunities  
215-672-5050 ext. 307


Mrs. Patricia Laurich
Student Support Staff
215-672-5050 ext. 303