Guidance & Counseling Services


Each student at Archbishop Wood is assigned a specific counselor who will assist him/her from freshman through senior year. Our school counselors are an integral part of students’ daily educational environment aimed to foster student achievement. Our school counseling programs are collaborative efforts benefiting the overall school community. School counselors coordinate ongoing systemic activities designed to assist students in establishing personal goals and developing future plans through both direct and indirect services.



Please refer to the list below for your counselor’s location. See your counselor during your free time or lunch to request an appointment.

Room 228

Mrs. Alicia Lynch -  Director of Guidance
alynch@archwood.org 215-672-5050 ext. 307

Grade   9 Gib– Mi
Grade  10 Gris – Mc
Grade  11 Gr – Mo
Grade  12 Hau-Pa





Ms. Mary Connell - Guidance Office Staff  

mconnell@archwood.org 215-672-5050 ext. 307

Room 212

Mrs. Kristen Bogart  - School Counselor
kbogart@archwood.org 215-672-5050 ext. 303


Grade   9 A – Gia
Grade  10 A – Grif
Grade  11 A – Go
Grade  12 A – Har





Mrs. Tammy L. Butts  - School Counselor
tbutts@archwood.org 215-672-5050 ext. 303

Grade   9 Mo – Z
Grade  10 Me – Z
Grade  11 Mu – Z
Grade  12 Pe – Z





Mrs. Patricia A. Laurich - Counseling Office Staff

plaurich@archwood.org 215-672-5050 Ext. 303 Fax: 215-259-1617