Campus Ministry

Coronam Fidelitas Merebit

Welcome to Archbishop Wood Ministry Office!

Our motto Coronam Fidelitas Merebit is translated ‘Faithfulness Merits the Crown’.

Here at Archbishop Wood we strive to merit a crown not of earthly glory and honor but a crown that comes from faithfully accepting the gifts of almighty God. Our Lord and God gives us countless gifts beginning with our own very life, and His gifts never cease. Faith is God’s gift to all to believe in Him, to believe in Jesus our savior, to become his disciples. We strive to live our faith, to be true to our faith, to be faithful, and in doing so the Lord gives us the crown of being called a Christian. At the heart of our school is faithfulness. Faithfulness to the teaching of our Lord Jesus in all that we say and do. Our hope is that our students may come to realize the beauty of their faith, the joy a placing Christ at the center of their lives, and to receive a crown that cannot be seen but the only crown that really matters!

Father Paul O'Donnell
Director of Campus Ministry
215-672-5050 ext. 232

Our Ministry Program has four key parts

1. Sacramental
2. Prayer
3. Service to Our Neighbor
4. Respect Life Group

1. SACRAMENTAL: The Sacraments are God’s greatest gifts.

A) The celebration of the Mass:
          1. Entire school mass – once a month.
          2. Daily mass at 7:00am
          3. Daily mass rotated among the periods of the day. See attached schedule

**MINISTRY TEAM: Any student wishing to assist in serving mass, setting up for mass, taking care of the sacristy and other service jobs pertaining to the mass and other special liturgies can be a member of our ministry team. Please see Fr. Paul for more information.

B) The Sacrament of Confession
          1. Special confession days for the entire school- 1 in Advent, 1 in Lent
          2. Every Wednesday from 10 -11 am in the Chapel
          3. At any time by request. See Fr. Paul for more information.

2. PRAYER: Speaking and Listening to God – Learning to Live with God

A) Friday Prayer Services during Lunch: Short student lead prayer services at the beginning of each lunch period.
**Note: This is a new activity. Any student interested should see Fr. Paul for more information.

B) 1st Friday Adoration: The Eucharist will be exposed every 1st Friday.
**Note: This is a new activity: Any student wishing to dedicate 12 minutes in prayer before the Eucharist should see Fr. Paul for more information.

C) Retreats
          1. Each class has its own retreat. A class retreat usually consists of a prayer service, adoration, a guest speaker, opportunity for confession and mass.

**Note: Any student wishing to assist or has an idea for an activity during the retreat please see Fr. Paul.

          2. Kairos: A special 4 day retreat for juniors and seniors. See attachment for further details.

3. Service to Our Neighbor – The Community Service Corps (CSC)

The Community Service Corps (CSC) is a group of students dedicated to serving our neighbor inspired by the words of Jesus: “What you did to the least of my brothers you did it for me”(Mt 25:41). Hearing Jesus’ words “you did it for me” confirms that service to our neighbor is service to Jesus. In serving our neighbors our students grow in appreciation and thankfulness for their own gifts and talents and experience the joy of giving. Truly our student’s faith is strengthened by living out their faith in service to the community. The CSC group is involved in various activities and all are welcome to participate.

The CSC has the following activities:
Aid for Friends: Students prepare dinners in our cafeteria for local shut-ins. Once a month
Visits to our Senior Citizens: Students visit our seniors at the Landing at Willow Grove retirement home (Once a month)
Nativity of Our Lord Cares Program: Students assist the after school Cares program at Nativity of Our Lord Parish. Every Day
Soup Kitchen: Students assist at a local kitchen. Once a month

**See CSC Schedule

4. Respect Life Group

The Respect Life Group is a group of students dedicated to promoting the proper respect for all human life. All human beings are created in God’s image and likeness and possess a special dignity given to them by God alone (cf. Gen 1:27). Indeed, Jesus himself has described His whole mission as a mission to give life – “I came so that they may have life and have it more abundantly” (Jn 10:10). Inspired by the truth that God is the author of life and thus all people have a right to life, a right not given to them by a government, but given by God himself, these students promote the protection and respect for all human life from the moment of conception to natural death. At the heart of every believer is a grateful heart- grateful for the gift of life. In thanksgiving for their many blessings our students stand up for those who are most vulnerable, for those who have no voice, and defend their lives. Among the topics discussed are abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, among others. All students are always welcome to participate.