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Welcome! We are the School Nurses for Archbishop Wood High School.  We look forward to working with you and your student to make this a healthy school year.  Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone with any question or concern you may have regarding your son or daughter’s health.


Sarah Colon RN

[email protected]

215-672-5050 ext. 262


Maryann Parker RN

[email protected]

215-672-5050 ext. 262


As of the fall of 2018, immunization compliance is required by ALL students within the first 5 days of school. If not in compliance they will risk being excluded from school.  Immunization requirements can be found at the end of this page.


If your child becomes ill or injured during the school day, they must get a pass before reporting to the Nurse’s Office.  The nurse will contact parents directly if a student needs to be dismissed for an illness or injury.  Students are not permitted to call parents directly to pick them up from school without first being evaluated by the nurse.


Please keep us updated on changes in phone numbers and emergency contacts, along with illnesses, injuries and hospitalizations.


Pennsylvania Department of Health mandates that all students have an 11th grade physical exam.  Paperwork for the physical is mailed home in the spring of sophomore year, as it may be completed in 10th grade and count for the 11th grade physical. 


With the exception of rescue medications (for asthma, life threatening allergies and diabetic supplies), students are not permitted to carry medications at school.  If your child is prescribed a medication that needs to be administered during the school day, the completed medication permission form and the medication (in its original packaging) must be delivered to the school nurse by a parent/adult.


All medical forms may be accessed by clicking this link



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Forms can also be found archwood.org under “QuicklinksàFormsàHealth Information”.



Click below to view the most recent school vaccination requirements.