Inclement Weather Information

Let It Snow!, Let It Snow!, Let It Snow! NOT!!!
Of course as the school year progresses the Wood Community will be confronted with snow. The following information is provided to help all families know what to do when snow is coming:
If school is closed: this is the easy one! You will receive a phone call as close to 5:00 A.M. as possible. The information will also be posted on Channels 3, 6, 10 and 29, KYW radio and on our web site. NB: a test call was made on Tuesday night. If you did not receive a phone call, please email Mr. Zimmaro at gzimmaro@archwood.org.
Early Dismissal: an early dismissal is determined by the busing districts. We can not dismiss students until the school district in which they live closes school. This applies to drivers who live in that school district. If bad weather is predicted we suggest that students take the school bus rather than drive. Our experience tells us that even if a district announces it is closing at a specific time, it is possible that not all buses from that district will arrive at that time. We have no control over this situation.
The private bus services will be dismissed along with the other students as soon as the bus arrives at school. SEPTA riders will be dismissed at a time coordinating with the bus schedule.
Delayed start: This situation presents the greatest difficulty. Unless all busing districts call a delayed start, Wood will open on time. If the largest busing districts: Centennial, Central Bucks, Council Rock and/or Upper Moreland or a combination of a number of large and small busing districts call a delayed start you will receive a phone call starting that Archbishop Wood will open on time but classes will be delayed 2 hours. This means no one regardless of their bus districts will be counted as late until the start of classes. We have bus districts that transport between 1 and 20 children. If one of these districts calls a delayed opening, Wood will open and start classes on time but the students on those buses will not be counted as late.
NB: A phone call will only be made if the districts coming late constitute a significant number of students. Otherwise, you must always go with your busing district even if Wood opens on time. We will never have a delayed start if any of our bus districts are on time.
If the school is open but classes are starting late, the private bus services will pick up for the late start.
If you need any clarification on this, please email Mrs. Harkins. Don't wait until the first snowy morning!