Learning Support


At Archbishop Wood High School we strive to meet the needs of all learners. Our individualized levels of support offer multiple pathways to help develop the academic confidence necessary for success in high school, college and beyond.


The newly developed PRAISE team here at Archbishop Wood includes dedicated, educated, trained and highly skilled  staff members to conduct a review process of any documentation received as the first step in the accommodations process.


If you are seeking academic accommodations for your child and wish for us to begin the new review process, established through our  PRAISE team protocol, please email the team at archwoodpraiseteam@archwood.org and include:

  • A brief description of accommodations/support you are seeking and for whom, any pertinent historical information, and a list of current interventions in school or at home.
  • Current (within 3 years) documentation


The documentation requirements for support are specific and must be presented to us in hard copy form.  For any learning based needs, we require a current comprehensive educational evaluation including all test results and present levels of academic functioning.  

If the need is medical in nature, a medical narrative must be completed by the physician under whom your son/daughter receives care.  

All documentation must be completed by licensed professional psychologists and/or physicians.  The documents must be signed, and dated within 3 years.  Medical review will be requested every year.   

The information in either the evaluation or letter must include the following components:

  • an identifiable learning need(s) 
  • specific evidence of how the  symptoms associated with the found learning need(s) may cause impediments to learning
  • a list of school based recommendations for consideration as supportive intervention


NO considerations for support will be made without the stated criteria for such documentation. If you need direction in obtaining this type of documentation, you can include an inquiry statement in your email request.

Thank you,
Elena Ghisu
Learning Specialist