Alumni Scholarships

Congratulations to this year's scholarship recipients!
We are looking forward to celebrating with you at the Alumni Scholarship Mass on Sunday, April 28th at 9:00 am. 
Thank you to all of the students who submitted applications, and thank you to our generous benefactors for making these scholarships possible! 
Incoming Freshmen Scholarship Recipients
Visual Art: Gianna Speranza (St. Joseph/St. Robert) & Amanda Cogan (Our Lady of Mount Carmel)
Skip Duffy Memorial: Katharine Bogdan (St. Katharine Drexel)  & Liam Cashman (Nativiy of Our Lord)
Patricia Fogel Memorial: Ashton Finley Lovelace (St. Joseph/St. Robert)
Giuseppe Giaimo: Cole Weidner (Nativity of Our Lord) 
Hirschmann Family: Katharine Bogdan (St. Katharine Drexel)
Michael S. Monaghan: James DiGuiseppe (Nativity of Our Lord) & Riley Nolan (Nativity of Our Lord)
Nancy Bachich: Riley Nolan (Nativity of Our Lord)
Coronam Fidelitas Merebit: Jake McNamee (Queen of Angels), Aubrey McChesney (St. Christopher's), Joseph Oriold (Our Lady of Good Counsel) & Samantha Milano (Our Lady of Good Counsel)
Henry J. and Margaret C. Schneider: Kaylee McMahon (Nativity of Our Lord)
The Class of 1967: Cierra Johnson (Mary, Mother of the Redeemer)
Spirit of the Viking: Aidan McGeer (Nativity of Our Lord)
Current Student Scholarship Recipients
Alumni Classic: Jasmine Prime
Richard F. Ginieczki, Jr. Perseverance: Connor Hellyer
Hirschmann Family: Shannon McDevitt
Christopher Muldoon: Brian Woodring
Henry J. Schneider Second Generation: Nikolas Staso 
Gerri Garofalo: Katie Robinson
Michael Conricode Memorial Soccer: Emily Branchide
Coronam Fidelitas Merebit: Cailen Engle, Margaret Oriold, Jack Baranoski & Dominic Petruzzuelli
Michael S. Monaghan: Savannah Mueller 
The Diane Mosco Foundation (Seniors): Molly Fleming & Mia Andrews


Scholarship applications are due January 18, 2019.

In order to be eligible all students must be registered by January 14, 2019.

Scholarship winners will be contacted and announced by February 22, 2019.  All scholarships will be awarded at the Alumni Scholarship Mass on April 28, 2019 which recipients are expected to attend.

All Scholarships are funded tuition assistance applied to the student’s tuition bills in the semester(s) following the Award.

Please contact Mrs. Samantha Williams with any questions about these Viking Scholarships.  Mrs. Samantha Williams can be reached at extension 229, or by email at  swilliams@archwood.org


*Click on the scholarship titles to download the scholarship application.



Visual Art: 8th grade student in Visual Arts Program

Jennifer Beerley Memorial Scholarship: 8th grade student attending St. David’s

Skip Duffy Memorial: 8th grade student

Claire Finley: 8th grade student at St. David’s

Patricia Fogel Memorial: 8th grade student at St. Joseph/St. Robert’s

Guiseppe Giamo: 8th grade student attending Nativity of Our Lord

Hirschmann Family:  8th grader students         

The Michael S. Monaghan Scholarship: 8th grade student at Nativity of Our Lord School & residents of St. Vincent Parish

Kelly Richards Performing Arts Scholarship: 8th grade student: Dance, Vocal, and Instrumental

Officer Brad Fox Foundation: 8th grade student whose family is a member of the United States Military or is a Law Enforcement Officer 

Nancy Bachich: 8th grade student attending Nativity of Our Lord

The Henry J. and Margaret C. Schneider Scholarship: 8th grade student attending Catholic Elementary School

Coronam Fidelitas Merebit Scholarship: All registered incoming 9th graders to Archbishop Wood High School 

The Class of 1967 Scholarship: 8th grade student

Spirit of the Viking Scholarship: 8th grade student nominated by their school principal 



Alumni Classic: 9th, 10th & 11th grade student

Richard Ginieczki: 9th, 10th & 11th grade students working to overcome academic obstacles

Hirschmann Family: 9th, 10th & 11th grade student

Christopher Muldoon Scholarship: rising senior and active participant on the Cross County team

Henry J. Schneider: Second Generation (Grades 9, 10, & 11)

The Michael S. Monaghan Scholarship: 12th grade student

The Gerri Garofalo Scholarship: 11th grade student going into 12th grade

The Michael Conricode Memorial Soccer Scholarship: rising senior and active participant on the Soccer team

The Silvio M. DiPietro Memorial Scholarship: 9th, 10th & 11th grade students who are active participants on the Golf Team

Coronam Fidelitas Merebit Scholarship: All 9th, 10th and 11th grade students attending Archbishop Wood

The Diane Mosco Foundation Scholarship (Seniors): Senior (12th grade) female student (deadline to apply 11/14/18)

The Diane Mosco Foundation Scholarship: Female rising senior (11th grade going into 12th grade)